Proposing the graphic commons

Proposing the Graphic Commons
A Field Readings Publication | Nigel Ball | August 2017
Numbered—edition of 300
10pp | 134 x 300mm
1750 word text | 7 full-colour photographs


This pamphlet introduces the term Graphic Commons as an identifier with which to discuss graphic design within shared public environments. It sets out why a new linguistic term in contemporary graphic design discourse is required, and situates this as part of wider discussions surrounding urbanism and social responsibility.


Proposing the Graphic Commons was first published to accompany an exhibition of photographs taken on psychogeographic walks around East Anglia that investigated found graphic design in public space. This pamphlet it is now available free from Field Readings. Stocks are limited to 150 remaining copies, (a small cost to cover postage applies).


To receive a copy, send £2 to via Paypal, making sure to note your desired delivery address.


Proposing the Graphic Commons research contexts



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